Why buy ethical, social and fair-priced chocolate?

The production of chocolate raises ethical and ecological questions. A member of the "Club des Chocolatiers Engagés", Sigoji values respect for ancestral and family traditions and the cultivation of cocoa using traditional methods. The Belgian chocolate brand, ethical, sustainable and social, is committed to remunerating planters at a fair price and to respecting the local terroir .

Ethical and fair trade cocoa plantations

Euphrasie Mbamba, Member of Engaged Chocolatiers To make chocolate, cocoa beans are the main ingredient. These are produced in different African countries, including Cameroon. However, the country has lost a large part of its forests in recent decades. While it cannot be said with certainty that the situation is entirely caused by cocoa production, there is evidence that it contributes to it. In addition, some growers use chemicals to improve their yield. Products that impact their health and pollute the environment.

Nowadays, the price of cocoa on the world market is very low . And when it increases, it is the chocolate manufacturers and distributors who profit from it and not the planters who work to produce it . According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, they only benefit on average from 11% of the price of a bar of chocolate sold in supermarkets.

Why buy fair trade chocolate?

Sigoji chocolate bars Most of the cocoa we eat does not meet social and environmental requirements. Choosing to buy fair trade chocolate means making sure to value the work of those who grow the cocoa . Fair trade guarantees a minimum purchase price for producers. This means that cocoa beans are bought at three times the price in order to fairly remunerate those who grew them. You get quality chocolate that is part of an ethical and social movement.

This fair trade chocolate also ensures the traceability of each cocoa bean . A traceability which is, however, not always very precise with certain labels. In order for tablets to be labeled, it is necessary to reach a certain number of tons of fair trade cocoa beans . If this production target is not reached, the fair trade cocoa is mixed with another ordinary one.

By buying ORGANIC chocolate, but also labeled fair trade , you are sure to enjoy a chocolate bar that meets environmental and social requirements .

Want to know more about quality, ethical and fair trade Belgian chocolate?

At Sigoji, the team strives to put all its know-how at the service of an exceptional product in order to share the pleasure of the taste of quality chocolate . For more information, you can contact us by phone or via our online form.


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