Soon the end of year celebrations! Which drinks to associate with your chocolate?

To enhance your chocolate, you can enjoy it with certain drinks . Many of them go perfectly with dark, milk or white chocolate . Sigoji explains to you which drinks to associate the chocolate boxes with for these end-of-year celebrations .

Wine and chocolate: commonalities

Both quality dishes, wine and chocolate go together perfectly . They have a lot in common . First, their manufacturing method includes a fermentation process. The cocoa goes through this stage via the yeasts that are brought to it, while the grapes are naturally fermented to then be transformed into wine. Also, as with wine, the characteristics of a chocolate depend on the variety of the plant from which the cocoa is derived.

What wine to serve with chocolate?

What wines pair with chocolate? For a classic pairing, chocolate can easily be paired with a sweet, sweet or syrupy wine . These sweet wines can be tasted in two ways: either with dark chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa to create a contrast. Either with milk chocolate for a gourmet moment.

For a successful chocolate-wine pairing, the cocoa content of the chocolate must be taken into account. The higher the temperature, the more tannic the chocolate. You can, then, choose a robust red wine or a rich and silky wine. The latter highlights the complexity of the chocolate .

If you enjoy milk chocolate , opt for a dry , sharp white wine instead. White chocolate can be served with a chilled wine to balance the pairings.

Beware, however, of certain combinations that may not work with chocolate. Like a dry white or rosé wine with too much acidity .

What other drinks go well with chocolate?

If wine goes perfectly with a box of chocolates during your end-of-year celebrations , other drinks can also be perfectly associated with it. If you have a preference for hard liquor, you can enjoy your chocolate with whiskey .

A lightly peated whiskey goes perfectly with dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. You can also opt for a port . Its different flavors will also go very well with fairly intense dark chocolate , with a cocoa content of more than 75%. Finally, beer or rum will also sublimate your chocolate tasting.

More information for a successful chocolate-drink pairing?

The family-run and artisanal chocolate factory Sigoji offers you a selection of quality chocolates that will perfectly accompany your drinks for Christmas and New Year . For more information, you can contact us by phone or via our online form .


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